candy b.

Hi!!! Ok so you want to know a little bit about the person behind the camera (or maybe you accidently clicked your way here and now your invested and sticking it out incase it gets better, ha!) either way I think it's great that you're reading this. 

So where do I even start? I'll start with the fact that I am outgoing, friendly, caring and loyal. I have a can-do attitude and taking charge is not something I shy away from. I'm actually quite goofy and love being around fun-loving couples and people in general. I mean how can I capture the real you if I make you feel like you're in a business interview, right?! I care about my clients and giving them the best I can give. The more I get to know about you prior to the session, the better the session (or Wedding day)!
I'm in the Battlefield area with my three children. I shoot all around the Missouri area and surrounding States for Weddings, also open to Destination Weddings. I specifically love working with women because it just comes natural to me. Between posed styles and life style, I love it all. I want to capture the details and the sparkle in your eye. My photographing experience is at the 14 year mark and it is ever growing. Can't wait to see what the future holds and I especially can't wait to hear from you!

I don't always work alone below to meet my fabulous team that help make the magic happen!


being a mom
TEA + coffee


A Good book

Working with women
Beautiful Dresses

On ice, yum!!!

Seriously, I'm crazy about them! I'll go shopping with you or at least send me a pic of the dress!