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The Assistant, she's more than assistant and what makes a session or wedding complete. A real sweetheart and known for shedding a few tears at the wedding...I mean sobbing. I'm kidding, but she tends to get choked up. She's a pleasure to be around and beyond helpful to me and the Bride. Fun fact, I recently shot her may recognize her in some featured pictures on this site. Her wedding was nothing short of amazing. So many of the best in the industry, it felt like one big party for everyone. 
She loves spending time with her husband and son. She's caring and empathetic towards others. Since she genuinely cares about people, Wedding assistant has been a great fit for her!
She too has a goofy side...don't be surprised if she busts out in dance or strikes a pose for me while testing the lights. ;)



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Assistant Photographer, Nacole is a Springfield native of 25 years and in the Industry since 2010. She loves photography because it gives people something they will have for a lifetime. She loves working Weddings particularly. She's a Romantic at heart and loves, love. She is a great asset to any wedding day. We have been working together now for two years and the way we flow together is pure poetry. 


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Assistant Photographer, Jasmine has a great eye for detail and the little moments in between. I had the pleasure of mentoring her in her pursuit of photography when she was a Senior in HS. She is currently a CNA (certified Nurses Assistant) and will be attending nursing school this Fall. She loves being able to make a difference in someone's life whether it's them being there for a short time while they get better, or in the nursing home long term. She's there to make it worth while, to help them with the things they sadly aren't able to do by themselves anymore. I think her compassion is why she has such an eye for the emotions of others. Like me, she's super outgoing, loves to make people laugh and to be there to help in any way she can. She's just a fun loving person who you can count on.



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The Stylist, she's a tenacious 27 year old with an eye for detail! Currently residing at the National Avenue Hair Salon for the last two years. She loves what she does because it's the best feeling when you make someone smile and feel beautiful. She's lived in this area her entire life and graduated from the Academy of Hair Design in Springfield. Her passion for hair and makeup started in her early 20's but really she's always had a love for it and it shows! 
You'll get to work with this lovely lady at some of my Boudoir events, but she also does a fantastic job for Brides and their Bridal Party!
Feel free to check her out: 
Find Bri's Facebook Page Here  and  Instagram @beauty_._by_._bri



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The Makeup Artist, being around hair and makeup her whole life, starting with her mom, it's only natural that she has a love for all things makeup. She has worked as a makeup artist for the last 8 years, has her cosmetics license for the last 4 years. Finding this career more rewarding with each year as she makes others feel beautiful with a touch of a brush. From glam to natural beauty, the best part of her job is making people feel confident!
Telika has been at my weekend events and travels from St. Louis. She's simply amazing!


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