The Hotel Vandivort | Springfield MO Boudoir Photographer

Downtown Springfield Missouri at the Hotel Vandivort, this Springfield MO Photographer had a great time with these Boudoir sessions. Truly a fun event! First off, this hotel is beautiful. Secondly, so were all the ladies. This girl found me via Thumbtack and after speaking over the phone felt comfortable enough to trust me with doing this intimate session for her. You really do need to find someone that you connect with, feel comfortable with and produces work that you love.

We started off with hair and makeup. While she was getting pampered I got to go through her outfits she brought and discussed which ones we should shoot in.

After Hair & Makeup and outfits situated we were ready to shoot. I personally love Boudoir and Glam sessions because they truly are like a fun afternoon of dress up. Feel pretty, sexy and you have proof of your amazing session afterwards. It's such a girly thing to do and I'm a girly girl as all these ladies were.

Outfits vary from girl to girl. Mrs. A here had her husband's shirt, a tank and lacy boy-shorts (I love boy-shorts). She had see through tank and some really sexy lingerie with this beautiful lavender colored robe. I tell anyone who inquires, it's what you feel comfortable with and what you want out of your session. That's what you should wear. If that's a beautiful off the shoulder sweater or a bikini bra, it doesn't matter. What shows in the pictures is you being you, having fun.