Exciting Pre-Wedding Photography Gifts for the Groom

Are you or someone you know a Bride-to-be? A really fun tradition that has popped up over the last few years is for brides to give their grooms a gift on their wedding day, and what better groom's gift could there be than intimate pictures of their beautiful wife? As a boudoir photographer, my aim is to make sure you see the beauty that is in YOU and to pull that out in the photos that I create. I firmly believe that every woman is unique and sexy and deserves to be reminded of that, especially within the eyes of her husband. So as you prepare for your wedding day, think about what you could do to make HIS day even more special and let me know if you'd like to schedule a boudoir session. Or, better yet, join in on my special boudoir event set for August 10-12th in a gorgeous and trendy downtown Springfield, Mo location. I still have limited spots available, with hair and makeup included so send me a message and let's get ready to have some fun. Click here to see event info.

Also, a special shout out to Miss K and her gorgeous pictures showcased below. She was so much fun to wok with. She traveled a couple hours to me which I am always so flattered and humbled by. She took part in my Boudoir Virgins event since the timing was perfect for her upcoming wedding. She also brought along her girlfriend who I put to work. That's right, you bring extra people, I'm most likely going to have them hold stuff and help me. I don't always encourage or discourage bringing a female friend. You know you best. For some it is a distraction, not a good one. For others it helps lighten the mood for them. In this case it lightened the mood for her, gave her a travel companion and gave me someone that could hold things in place which made the "Shower scene" at the bottom possible. And what a good sport this Bride was when I said "How do you feel about being sprayed down with water?" She was game and the end result was so perfect. Sometimes I have ideas, but I always ask permission first because your comfort is my #1. Want to know if I'm running any current event specials? Click here to go to my Boudoir services page, there you will find a link to any current specials I'm running. Hope to work with you soon!