Best Midwest Boudoir Photographer

The best Missouri boudoir photographer is what I strive to be, I want to provide you the great service, a safe environment and great images. Your session can be as laid back or as sultry as you want.

The stories I hear from women who have tried to have this kind of session and the issues they have run into are disheartening at times. From creepy photographers, pictures originally advertised not by that photographer (that one really irks me as it's false advertising) or even just having no idea how to pose or at what angles to shoot at. What could be a completely empowering and rejuvenating experience quickly turns into one of self-doubt and second guessing. We all start somewhere, but Boudoir is not something all photographers love to do. Some may say "I'll give it a try" and all I can say is don't get your heart to set on it. If they've never shot this before and it's all new to them they may not know the in's and out's of specific poses and angles or even how to make it all flow for a cohesive book...the end product. For me I feel like it's second nature. I'm right there with you, posing (literally me posing) showing you how to lay, sit or stand just right. Directing you for the perfect shot and encouraging you to be yourself every step of the way. "I don't have a sexy look"... yes you do, but it's not something that is forced. You will never hear me say "now look sexy" or "do something sexy" that right there will kill it. It's as simple as me asking you look down and then up at me, that split second when your eyes meet the camera. Just like when your eyes meet his, in that moment, it's everything. "I laugh a lot"... ok cool, I do too! Men love and connect to laughter and smiles. It shows you are happy, confident and enjoying yourself and that right there is sexy. If you are serious in every shot and you plan on giving it to your guy, he may not connect to it as much because it doesn't feel like you. You gotta be yourself in some of them at if you burst out laughing, I'm going to capture it. Embrace your soft side, your funny side and that sexy side that maybe you weren't even sure was there until now. Enjoy Miss J's session below. She was a joy to work with, she is quiet but has a fiery soul in her and I love it.

This downtown loft was the perfect setting to shoot and happens to the the location of this year's Sizzlin Summer's Event. Message me soon about details as spots are booking up. (Aug 10-13th 2018) IG Follow me @lovecandyb Join the private Boudie Group here