Boudoir and You

I had such a fun time doing this boudoir event at the amazing Hotel Vandivort in downtown Springfield, Missouri. It's amazing how just changing up the environment can really infuse so much energy and fun into an event and the trendy Hotel Vandivort did not disappoint! With the clean lines and bold colors as a backdrop, I was able to photograph the beautiful Miss L and really get a chance to show her personality off through the photos. She was young, fun and confident and I feel that that really comes through in each pose and expression.

I know that some of you have been on the fence about having Boudoir photos done, but let me just tell you that I KNOW you will not regret it once you take the plunge. I think deep down, all of us ladies want to know and be reminded that we are sexy and strong and beautiful and that is what Boudoir photography is all about. It is about YOU and your beauty and your amazing uniqueness. It's about showing off your curves, highlighting your eyes, encouraging that playful and confident side of you that sometimes we forget we have. It is about celebrating YOU and I think we all could use a little bit more of that in our lives.

So, if you're ready to jump in and see what all the talk is about, I'd love to save you a spot at this year's Sizzlin' Summer Event - a weekend photo shoot that I'm doing, devoted strictly to Boudoir sessions. It will be taking place at an amazing location in downtown Springfield, Missouri with multiple spots available from August 10-13th. If you are interested please message me soon about the details so we can get you on the calendar as it is filling up fast! xo- Candy