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Nice to meet you,

I'm Candy

I'm a fun loving romantic at heart. Enjoying the beauty of life and love. Being able to capture and freeze those moments in time for others is a dream come true. 

Outgoing, friendly, caring and loyal best describes who I am. I have a can-do attitude and taking charge is not something I shy away from. I have a fun goofy side and love being around fun-loving couples and people in general. I mean how can I capture the real you if I make you feel like you're in a business interview, right?! I care about my clients and giving them the best I can give. The more I get to know about you prior to the session, the better the session (or Wedding day)!
Located in the Battlefield, MO area with my three children. I shoot all around the Missouri area and surrounding States for Weddings, also open to Destination Weddings. I specifically love working with women because it just comes natural to me. Between posed styles and life style, I love it all. I want to capture the details and the sparkle in your eye. My photographing experience is at the 15 year mark and it is ever growing. Can't wait to see what the future holds and I especially can't wait to hear from you!

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My story

I started out at 18 seeking a degree in Graphic Design. After a couple of semesters under my belt I realized that I just didn't feel passionate about it. Fast forward a few years later my heart was seeking more in life. After some thoughtful searching within myself I decided to pick up a camera. I would love to say that my very first time doing so was magic and so natural, but it was a hot mess. Overexposed, blurry...a mess. lol  But I was determined to capture on camera what I had in my head and not just rely on my photoshop skills to fix everything. So I took a class to throughly learn my camera, then a lighting class, participated in workshops, conventions, shoot outs and lots of online courses.

With a lot of hard work, time and dedication I can now say when I pick up the camera it's magic! I feel at home with it in hand, plus some of the best clients and it all adds up to me loving my job.

Get to know me

My go-to coffee order:

Venti iced white mocha at Starbucks

I can't work without:

Music playing in the background!

My friends would describe me as:

Approachable, engaging and vibrant

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My pride and joys:

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