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Creating a Sexy & Intimate Pre-Wedding Gift for Your Partner with a Boudoir Photo Session

Having a Boudoir photo session before your wedding is such a unique and personal way of gifting your future partner. Not only does it make a memorable gift, but it also helps to capture a special moment of pre-wedding bliss. This time is usually when we are working on our tans, hair, fitting into our dress...all the things we do as women to ensure that we feel beautiful and confident the day of our wedding. Which is why it's one of the most perfect times to do a Boudoir session.

Boudoir photography is the art of expressing intimacy through photography and it’s the perfect way to capture the ultimately romantic aspects of your relationship before your big day. While traditional wedding photos are great for memories, boudoir photos capture something much more. You can convey your individual beauty and confidence in a way that traditional wedding photos just can't, and create truly beautiful mementos of this special time in your life. Aside from providing a unique way to document a special moment in your relationship, having a boudoir photoshoot is also a great opportunity to give your partner something truly special and meaningful as a wedding gift that is custom created just for them. Imagine their joy when they open the album to find all these beautiful images of you that you have taken time out to create for them. It’s sure to put a big smile on their face and will be something they’ll cherish forever.

Another great thing about boudoir photos is that they can be used in more than one way. You can use them to create a album or calendar that your groom will keep for years to come, or you can use them to make custom cards or other gifts to give them. I offer calendars and have samples for my clients to view during their sessions. Even if my client chooses a collection that comes with a book, some still love adding the calendar of the year that they getting married, it's a super sweet momento.

Brides can bring in their own veil, garter and anything else that she wants to add to her session to bring in that romantic bridal feel. I do have my own veil available for shoots as well so no worries if it was left behind!

These intimate and personal photos are sure to make your wedding day that much more special. Having a boudoir photoshoot before your wedding is a great way to express your unique beauty, capture a romantic moment in your relationship, and give your partner a meaningful and memorable gift. So if you are in the Springfield Missouri area and engaged, check out my Boudoir services and treat yourself to a boudoir session before your big day!


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